Programs for all ages and abilities

Gymnastics is the ultimate sport!  At the basis, gymnastics is a true representation of physical literacy.  It is a foundation sport.


ActiveStart Program (walking to age 5)

  • Classes currently only available to athletes ages 4+ due to COVID-19. 

Our Active Start program inspires participants to move skilfully and provides a base of physical literacy that will support lifelong enjoyment and participation in almost any sport or activity.


CanGym Program (school aged)

Focusing on safety, skill acquisition, personal development, friendships and fun, the program consists of twelve levels that increase in difficulty from beginner to advanced.  This program is self-paced and completion of levels is based on individual achievement.  Each child will progress at their own rate.


Specialty Program (school aged)

  • Tumbling class currently on hold due to COVID-19 restrictions.

We recognize that many children have interest in aspects of gymnastics, but are not looking for a traditional class with time spent on all apparatus.  Our Specialty Programz ensure there is an exciting class option for everyone! Class ratios are 8 students : 1 coach.


Club Teamz Program (by invitation)

The Splitz Club Teamz is a unique program dedicated to providing opportunities for girls in advanced gymnastics development. The program strives to support all athletes to achieve their potential, while building confidence in a fun and safe environment.

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Practice and Play (Drop-in)

  • Currently on hold due to COVID-19.

Our Practice and Play program provides an opportunity to explore Splitz in an unstructured format.  Stop by to check out our facility, expose your child to the benefits of gymnastics without committing to a schedule, or drop in for some extra practice.  No matter what your goals are, Practice and Play is a hit at Splitz!


Pro-D Day Mini-Campz

School is out! Join us for an action packed Mini-Camp at Splitz . Gymnastics will be the main focus with other interesting games scheduled including free time! Be sure to pack a labeled water bottle.


Program Information & Policies

Check here for information and policies for our continuous programming.