About Us

Why choose Splitz Gymnastics for your child?

We believe gymnastics is the ultimate sport providing opportunities to develop physically, socially and emotionally.  Our programs begin with physical literacy and progress to advanced skill acquisition while supporting healthy social development along the way.

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At Splitz, we are committed to creating a safe, clean and exciting atmosphere for children to experience physical success.  Our passion is gymnastics and children.

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Our Team

Meet our dynamic coaching team! Their energetic leadership inspires personal success in each participant.

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Check out all of the action at Splitz! Our team is constantly creating memories and building lasting relationships while developing physical skills.

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Program Information & Policies

Check here for information and policies for our continuous programming.

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We are diligent with cleanliness and safety in our facilities. Splitz boasts a bright and cheery environment to enhances the spirit of participants and coaches.


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Hear what our families have to say about their experiences at Splitz.

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Splitz Newz

Stay up to date with all of our latest news and announcements!