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Why choose Splitz Gymnastics for your child?

We believe gymnastics is the ultimate sport providing opportunities to develop physically, socially and emotionally. Our programs begin with physical literacy and progress to advanced skill acquisition while supporting healthy social development along the way.

At Splitz, we are committed to creating a safe, clean and exciting atmosphere for children to experience physical success. We welcome all ages & abilities and challenge participants appropriately. Our tremendous coaching staff and immaculate facility provide the ultimate playground for our Cloverdale and Abbotsford communities.

Our purpose is to support each member in reaching their potential with respect to their goals.  We strive to be positive role models and to bring out the best in each individual within the realms of physical, mental, emotional and social development.  Safety, fun and skill acquisition are key to achieving these goals and to making Splitz leaders in our industry.


Our programs are continuous and run 12 months of the year. A self-paced curriculum systems allows participants to experience physical success and consistent goal achievement.

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All Splitz Members are required to obtain our Splitz membership when registering. Head over to our membership section to see all the perks that come with your Splitz Annual Membership.

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Our Team

Meet our dynamic coaching team!  Their energetic leadership inspires personal success in each participant.  Splitz staff provide an excellent avenue for physical literacy, confidence and fun.

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