Our programs are continuous and run 12 months of the year. A self-paced curriculum systems allows participants to experience physical success and consistent goal achievement.


Expose your child to the numerous benefits of gymnastics today. Splitz offers several one time events for families to experience our immaculate facility and outgoing team.


Meet our dynamic coaching team!  Their energetic leadership inspires personal success in each participant.  Splitz staff provide an excellent avenue for physical literacy, confidence and fun.

Trial classes are available for all of our programs. Check out the action!

Abbotsford & Cloverdale Communities

At Splitz we take pride in offering a clean, safe and exciting facility for participants to experience physical success.  We provide a curriculum based gymnastics program that gives children tools to reach their full potential.

Why Gymnastics

Gymnastics is the ultimate sport, and the true representation of physical literacy.

In gymnastics, you get to:

Climb – Bounce – Stretch

Jump – Balance – Flip

Swing – Invert – Rotate

All the while developing:

Strength – Balance – Grace

Agility – Flexibility – Determination

Rhythm – Coordination – Discipline

While participating you will:

Play – Practice – Perform

Learn – Achieve – Progress

Have Fun – Get Fit – Develop Fundamental Skills

Kind Words

Latest From The Gym

  • We are OPEN at our CLOVERDALE location for all classes.   However, with current weather and roa

  • Splitz now sells its own custom apparel for our members. We will be selling: Youth Sweatshirts $40+t

  • Help us by making a family’s Christmas just a little bit brighter! We will be hosting a toy dr

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