Tiny Starz (age 2 to age 5)

Kickstart your child’s development today!

Our Tiny Starz program inspires participants to move skillfully and provides a base of physical literacy that will support lifelong enjoyment and participation in almost any sport or activity.

Participation in gymnastics activities enhances the development of brain function, coordination, social skills, gross motor skills, leadership and creativity and builds confidence, independence and positive self-esteem.  Our Tiny Starz curriculum is carefully designed to support healthy growth and development, building strong bones and muscles, improving flexibility, developing good posture and balance, and improving fitness.

Our gymnastics programs are continuous and run 12 months of the year. Participants are welcome to join or drop a class at any time with no long-term commitment.

Twinkling Starz – 2 to 3 year olds

45 Minute class

No experience necessary. Parent participation required

This high energy, action packed class is sure to foster healthy, independent and confident toddlers. Consisting of a unique combination of circle time, apparatus introduction and skill development, Twinkling Starz is designed to enhance gross motor development through stimulating the senses with specialized preschool equipment, music, bright colors and an environment conducive to learning.  Instructors and parents work together to introduce key social concepts such as taking turns, sharing, listening and following directions.  Physical developments include kinesthetic awareness, running, galloping, jumping, rolling, balancing, hanging, skipping, swinging, throwing, catching and much more.  Watch your child’s confidence soar.

Rock Starz – 3 & 4 year olds

45 minute class

No experience necessary. 

Your three-year old is growing and changing right before your eyes. Communication skills and an ever-present imagination are increasing by the day.  Let our Rock Starz class help with physical success as well as social, personal and cognitive development.  Our curriculum focuses on FUNdamental skills such as balance, strength, agility, coordination, flexibility and speed, developing your child’s ability to control their body, refine their motor development and respond to social cues. A low instructor: student ratio allows for individual attention and positive feedback to participants.

Super Starz – 4 & 5 year olds

60 minute class

Participants spring into action in this exciting class. Time is spent on all apparatus to develop specific gymnastic skills and increased physical literacy of the sport.  Class structure allows individual development and encouragement.  Watch your child’s self-esteem soar as they achieve gymnastics success. Strength and flexibility are emphasized as participants begin working on handstands and inverted skills increasing their confidence.