Club Teamz (by invitation)

 Club Teamz

The Splitz Club Teamz is a unique program dedicated to providing opportunities for girls in advanced gymnastics development.  The program strives to support all athletes to achieve their potential, while building confidence in a fun and safe environment.

Our Club Teamz program offers many opportunities for athletes to participate in individual and group gymnastics events. Entrance in this program is by invitation only. A year round commitment and dedication from athletes is required.

Placement in Club Teamz is offered to girls who have mastered basic gymnastics skills, have a positive attitude, and who seek the adventure of competition.  This program is perfect for athletes who seek a more challenging training environment. Athletes in this program will have the opportunity to compete in our in-house developmental program in a more relaxed competition setting. Club Teamz athletes train between 3 to 6 hours a week.


Further details for our Club Teamz can be found in our Handbook below:

2020-2021 Cloverdale Club Teamz Handbook

2020-2021 Abbotsford Club Teamz Handbook



We are introducing our Club Teamz Starz program for our 2020/2021 season which will consists of 3 levels and each level will consist of 3 tiers (similar to their previous categories: Performance, Performance Plus, and Performance Challenge) with a more structured skill base and requirements.

Bronze Starz – Bronze 1, Bronze 2, Bronze 3
Silver Starz – Silver 1, Silver 2, Silver 3
Gold Starz – Gold 1, Gold 2, Gold 3
Platinum Starz – Bonus category following the completion of Gold Starz.

Athletes will be awarded with collectable Splitz pins upon the completion of each level, with the opportunity for special achievement awards throughout the season. Athletes will have in-house performance opportunities throughout the season (COVID dependent) in which they will get scored on their routines and tested in a serious of strength evaluations.