Club Teamz (by invitation)

 Club Teamz

The Splitz Club Teamz is a unique program dedicated to providing opportunities for girls in advanced gymnastics development.  The program strives to support all athletes to achieve their potential, while building confidence in a fun and safe environment.

Our Club Teamz program offers many opportunities for athletes to participate in individual and group gymnastics events. Entrance in this program is by invitation only. A year round commitment and dedication from athletes is required.

Placement in Club Teamz is offered to girls who have mastered basic gymnastics skills, have a positive attitude, and who seek the adventure of competition.  This program is perfect for athletes who seek a more challenging training environment. Athletes in this program will have the opportunity to compete individual and group routines in a more relaxed competitive setting that allows each individual to perform their achieved skills.

Club Teamz athletes train between 3 to 12 hours a week.

Further details for our Club Teamz can be found in our Handbook below:

2019-2020 Cloverdale Club Teamz Handbook

2019-2020 Abbotsford Club Teamz Handbook

2019-2020 Cloverdale Event Calendar