Splitz Celebrates

Splitz Celebrates

Save the Date!🗓 Awards week at Splitz runs April 22nd-28th🏅#SPLITZROCKS

How exciting! During this week, parents are invited to join us to celebrate their child’s’ success on the podium when they receive their special award; please arrive 5 minutes early to the end of class during this week so not to miss the ceremony and photo opportunity! Please remember to kindly remove your shoes when entering the gym floor.

Athletes will progress through the curriculum at their own pace and are evaluated continually.  Families will receive notification when their child has advanced through the levels or is recommended to transfer classes. During our awards week skill tracking will always be the most up-to-date. If you have any questions in regards to your child’s testing, you are always welcome to discuss this in further detail with their coach.

Please be reminded that progress reporting is available to view directly online! Head to our website at www.splitzgymnastics.com to log in to your parent portal from home. Click on ‘evaluations’ first and then ‘view skill tree’. You and your children are able to review their progress together.

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