Parent Viewing Cancelled

Parent Viewing Cancelled

Hello Splitz Members,

We are disappointed to announce we are unable to continue to offer parent viewing in our facility.  Spectators in youth sport have now been included in the vaccination passport mandate across BC.  Our organization does not have the staff to ensure vaccination passports can be checked efficiently for members wishing to enter the facility at this time.

Effective immediately, there will be no viewing for classes for students aged 4 years and up. Administrative communication with members will be primarily through email, phone and the iClasspro app.

We understand this is not ideal for many families and recognize some children will not be comfortable participating without a parent present.  We are able to extend an immediate withdrawal from the program for any member who is not comfortable continuing with the latest update.  To proceed with this option, please notify our office no later than November 5th.  After this date our regular withdrawal policy will apply.

If arriving late to class, please direct your child to enter through the front door.  A team member will ensure they are brought to their class. It is important your child knows who their coach is to assist with this process.

Parents of students aged 3 years or under will be able to enter the facility by showing a valid piece of photo ID and proof of vaccination.  In a situation where a child needs their parent for support an exception can be made for the parent to enter the facility by satisfying the mandated vaccination passport.  For any student participating with a consistent aid, we can keep record on file (with consent) so proof will not be required at every class.

We are disappointed to have to close access to facility viewing and are committed to offering the best environment for our participants.  Members of our team will be available to assist where needed.

As always, we will post any updates to our policies to our website and social media channels.

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