Frequently Asked Questions



Can I watch my child during practice?

Yes, our parent viewing is open and does not have any current restrictions.


Does my child need to wear a mask during practice?

Masks are not required to participate.




What happens if I no longer want to attend classes?
If you would like your child to no longer participate in our programs, you will need to provide notice via phone, email or in person prior to the 15th of the month in order to stop for the end of the month. If you let us know after the 15th, you will be committed until the end of the following month.


What happens if I want to stop classes mid-month?
Unfortunately we do not offer an option to stop classes mid-month. If you would like to stop the program, please submit notice, as stated above, prior to the 15th of the month in order to withdraw for the end of the month.


What happens if my child misses a class?
Not a problem! Our make-up policy allows for one make-up token per month. Make-up classes are available as an additional member service to Splitz families that are currently enrolled in our program. Once a class has been missed, you are allocated a maximum of 1 make-up token per month which can be made up within 30 days of the missed class. Classes are subject to availability. Make-up classes are to be booked through your online portal.


When do payments come out of my account?
Payments are processed through our Autopay system on the 1st of every month. If you would like to withdraw from our program, please follow our withdrawal policy as stated above or visit our Policies and Procedures page.


I am going to be away for an extended period of time, can I hold my child’s space in the class?
Because we are a continuous program, we don’t have an option to hold your space in the class without payment. If you are going to be absent for a long period of time and would like to stop payments, we recommend withdrawing from the program by the 15th of the month and contacting us to re-enrol when you are ready to return. If you want to keep your space, families are welcome to continue with payments to hold their spot.




What should my child wear and bring to class?

Participants are encouraged to wear anything that they can be comfortable and active in. We recommend no bare midriffs and participant will need to be barefoot in the facility. Please send a water bottle as our water fountains are currently not available.


Where do I line up at the start of class?
Participants are to line up outside at their assigned entrance prior to the start of class. This entrance will be provided in your final enrolment email.


What happens when my child ages out of their class or passes into the next level category?
Should your child pass out of the class or age out of their program, we will contact you to help line up the next available option.


My child just passed to the Silver class, but we really enjoy our current Bronze class, can we stay in our current class?
While we always recommend participants go into the appropriate age and level, they are always welcome to remain in their current class until they feel comfortable to move.


My child’s birthday is in 3 months, can they already move up to the next age group?
We can move participants’s up to the next age group one month from their birthday.