Kind Words

Hear what our families have to say about their experiences at Splitz.

I love the atmosphere at this place, and my daughter has had an awesome experience with her Coach, who is creative and patient and fun. I highly recommend Splitz!


My son and daughter just started here. The facility is beautiful and bright. They both absolutely love their coach. She’s phenomenal with the kids. The owners are so friendly and are so patient with all the questions I have had too. Splitz Abbotsford is a great option for Abbotsford families and a positive addition to our growing community.

~ Sara

My 6 year old daughter looks forward to her class every week! We love that if we have to miss a class that we can make it up at another time! The staff are all very friendly. I would recommend Splitz to anyone.

~ Kendra

My twin daughters have been coming to Splitz since they were 3 years old. They are now 8 years old and don’t want to stop coming. Now my youngest who is 4 has also joined the Splitz family. The coaches(new/old) are amazing and really know how to work with kids young and old. I highly recommend these facilities to anyone looking for a long term program to keep their kids active and help build strength in an atmosphere that is inviting and fun!

~ Paven

For the past 10 years, Splitz Gymnastics has been a welcoming place for our family.  I brought my oldest children here for preschool classes and they continued on with school-age classes, and now my youngest child is attending a preschool class. As my 6 children have ‘grown up’ with Splitz Gymnastics I have seen how much the programs have helped them develop not just physical strength and coordination, but self-confidence and persistence.  The coaches have been positive and celebrated success and effort, and my children always look forward to being here.  I am grateful for the presence of Splitz Gymnastics in our community.


We are a long time Splitz family, the coaches here are amazing, all three of my kids absolutely love it!!!! It keeps them super active. Most definitely a worthwhile investment!!!

~ Matthew 

I really like it here, they’re very organized, both my daughters have learned ALOT in just a few months. Splitz gives them a certificate and ribbons when they pass a level and had a cute little recognition ceremony and got a star ornament for the Christmas tree, I thought that was very sweet and I appreciated that! Really like the coaches as well.

~ Tamara

We have had great experiences with all the Splitz coaches! They have been absolutely amazing, fun, and patient. Our son can be tough to handle sometimes and they were all great with him. He has learned a lot and we see the progress he’s making. We have nothing but great things to say about Splitz. Thank you for your flexibility and being accommodating to our requests.

~ Chantal

My Daughter is 8 and it was her first time in Gymnastics and she loved it! She fit right in. Her Coach is great, and very friendly.

~ Stacey

I just want to say THANK YOU for another wonderful experience with Splitz. My 4-year-old son had enjoyed his classes so much last year and today was my 18-month olds first parent participation class. The coach is just wonderful and exudes energy and joy, such a great experience! I recommend Splitz to everyone!

~ Andrea

My daughter enrolled a few months ago and she loves it, I see the dedication her coach has with her students!! And the staff is so friendly and easy going…always with smiles. Very friendly place to be.

~ Karen

My daughter is currently enrolled in the 3-year old program; I cannot say enough great things about the coaches l! My daughter had separation problems at first and the coaches worked so well with her and in just a few classes she was having a blast and has come out of her shell! I have noticed so much change in her in just a short time, she has gained so much confidence in class and out and it is so nice to see! Thank you so much for the amazing job you all do!

~ Cassondra