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Splitz Spotlight
Posted on 07/29

Athlete: Maya-Rose Taylor

~How long have you participated in gymnastics and what level are you working on now?
I was 4 years old when I started gymnastics. I am 10 now and I’m working on CanGym level 5 in Coach Hannah’s class!

~Do you have a favourite event?
I love to work on the uneven bars! Casting to long-swing and pullovers are my favourite skills. I also like the Vault and doing handsprings off, it is awesome!

~What do you think you are best at?
Walking on my hands for sure!

~What other activities do you do outside of Gymnastics?
I play soccer and I am the goalkeeper which is fun!

~What Coach Hannah says about Maya-Rose…
Maya-Rose is very kind and encouraging to all the other athletes, she is a joy to have in class!

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<p>Thank you for helping us make the 'I Love Gymnastics' Meet such a huge
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<br></p> <p>We
did it! We scared hunger!</p>
would like to send a very special thank you to those students and families who
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exceeded our expectations and will make a significant impact for several local
families in need! </p>
items donated: 2467!!</p>

weight: 3000 lbs.!!</p>

participants: More than 50 families and a dozen staff members!</p>
winner of the Ipad mini is Samantha with 363 items donated!</p>
are incredibly thankful for the support our members have shown.<span>  Congratulations on your generosity and your
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