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Splitz Spotlight
Posted on 10/13

Athlete: Samantha

What program are you in at Splitz?

I am in the Girlz CanGym level 4-5 class at Splitz with Coach Jordanne!

Fun facts or interesting things about you…

I have been going to Splitz since I was 3 years old! I’ve worked my way up from Active Start classes up into Level 5 of the CanGym Program.

What skills are you working on right now?

I am currently working on achieving my front handsprings off the vault! I want to be able to do a handspring over the vault soon too!

Favourite Skill in Gymnastics?

My all time favourite skill in Gymnastics is Cartwheels!

What do you do outside of Gymnastics?

I am always doing cartwheels outside of gymnastics! I also play guitar and I take weekly guitar lessons, I love it!

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Coach Jordanne is awesome and has inspired me to want to be a gymnastics coach when I grow up!

What Coach Jordanne says about Samantha…

Samantha is an extremely hard worker and always tries her hardest to achieve her goals! She always comes to class excited to learn and improve her gymnastics. She has improved so much on her handstands and cartwheels! She also worked very hard recently to achieve her pullover on bars all by herself and is currently working on front hand springs! Great job Samantha! 

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<p>Thank you for helping us make the 'I Love Gymnastics' Meet such a huge
success! It was great to see all the athletes out smiling and performing their
<br></p> <p>We
did it! We scared hunger!</p>
would like to send a very special thank you to those students and families who
participated in our ‘We Scare Hunger’ campaign this past month and attended the
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members and community has been overwhelming! The resulting donation has
exceeded our expectations and will make a significant impact for several local
families in need! </p>
items donated: 2467!!</p>

weight: 3000 lbs.!!</p>

participants: More than 50 families and a dozen staff members!</p>
winner of the Ipad mini is Samantha with 363 items donated!</p>
are incredibly thankful for the support our members have shown.<span>  Congratulations on your generosity and your
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